Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Very Unfortunate

All students BEWARE! This is not English 111, but something that appears to be so. A perpetrating class of a higher level that is disguised as English 111. Extremely intense! Rip your face off frustrating! I am most certain that I am not even close to receiving my associates, yet alone my master’s degree. Why then am I producing gray hairs all of a sudden? Oh, I know. It’s because my professor seems to be unaware of the incapability’s of an English 111 level student. Yes, students at T.C.C. seem to be over paying and under taught. What ever happened to here are the tools to use and this is how you use them, not, “You can find the tools here and, well, you can figure it out.”

Professor Gasparo, Professor Gasparo, Professor Gasparo. When a student comes to you and says that they are having trouble with certain technological advancements, instead of telling them to go to the computer lab, maybe take a few extra minutes to show them how to do it or at least explain it without that look of disgust, but perhaps be a little more discerning. College can be intimidating enough as it is without the added stress of having a professor that hands out an overwhelming amount of assignments to a group of lower level college students. A lesser amount of work with an adequate amount of time to not only write, but learn how to write, may produce better, more well balanced papers and actually inspire students as opposed to having them despise you for making them feel inadequate.

Perhaps a little less emphasis on Bruce Springsteen and a lot more focus on the actual writing process. I think that the lessons that the 111-45 class received concerning Bruce’s writing skills may have been validated had we spent less time on listening to his songs, but actually learning how and why he revised his songs. It seems that there were several class sessions taken up by listening to music, sound tracks and watching movies. It is not music or the movies that were the problem or even the sound tracks (I thought they were great). I can see how they are useful in helping students expand their creativity, but when that creativity cannot properly be applied to the paper or keyboard then it becomes useless. Starting the semester by assigning pass/fail papers is great for the student that may already have a better understanding of how to use punctuation and grammar or may be recently out of high school and familiar with the process of writing a research paper. However, assigning actual graded papers from the very beginning may have given some students a better understanding of whether or not they are prepared to take an English 111 course and if they should drop before penalty or money loss.

I don’t believe that the students of this class were properly trained to do a research paper of the magnitude in which was assigned. The students of this class were not given proper knowledge of how to research a paper, other than a one hour crash course by the librarian in a room that was close to 90 degrees. Sentence structure is another concern that many of your English 111 students have, and yet we didn’t go over this valuable piece of knowledge one time the entire semester. It seems that the answer to any writing question was simply go to the writing center. It is not the responsibility of the writing center to do what is the intended job of the professor nor is it the student’s job to critique one another’s papers, as we do not obtain the knowledge yet to properly do so. This is an entry-level English class and should be treated as so. I believe deep down, Paul Gasparo, that you have an immaculate talent for English. You just haven’t figured out yet an efficient way of passing on this knowledge to your students. Once again, I believe that it is merely a matter evaluating time as opposed to your ideas, which are very useful and articulate. I believe that I did learn in this class, just not as much as I had wished to.

Final Diagnostic Essay Draft: Stranger Danger in the Dominican

How exactly does one sum up a perfect vacation in just one sentence? By telling it like it is. The perfect vacation consist of you and your loved one getting completely annihilated off of booze and prescription drugs (vikodin and viagra) and having an unreasonable and appalling amount of unprotected sex with strangers. My girlfriend Shakwanda and I had such and experience recently in the Dominican Republic. We went hoping to prey on some unsuspecting vacationers using our manipulative and sexual deviation, but we ended up getting so much more.
The very moment we got on to the plane, we new it wouldn’t be soon before we were “Getting off.” Shakwanda and myself were lucky enough to be seated on the plane next to a smoking hot newly wed couple (Mark and Jane Bendover) in first class. Mark had a dark complexion with bright green eyes and quite a masculine physique, while Jane was a bit petite and fair skinned, but had a massive chest that was busting out of her white see through tank top. After a few martinis and some undetected manipulation, on the part of Shakwanda and I, we were soon all walking back from the restroom (after having a one hour orgy fest) exuding confidence as newest members of the mile high club. We landed soon after and said our goodbyes with Mark and Jane, making sure to exchange information, so that we might get back together in the states for another explicit rendezvous. After departure from our newly weds we jumped into a cab and were on our way to Punta Cana.

Punta Cana is a visually stimulating place, not just for its breath taking landscape, but also for the extremely beautiful men and women of the this region. The vast majorities of these people work outside and are extremely fit. The men are sculpted as if made by Leonard DaVinci and I can only describe the women as looking like Goddesses. Shakwanda and I soon arrived at the hotel after mustering up yet another uncontrollable urge to take advantage of somebody to relieve our sexual tension. This fire was not soon extinguished. As much as I enjoy Shakwanda’s succulent chocolate breast and tight round ass and as she thrives to ride on my bigger than average throbbing member, we find it necessary to have sex with other people, especially on vacation. After a few days of showing off our goods at the nude beach, we finally seemed to have caught the attention of an older couple (Dick and Marcy Thumbrunner).

They engaged us at the local barbeque and asked if we would like to join them in their room for champagne. Being swingers, Shakwanda and I new exactly what Dick and Marcy had planned. I myself am twenty-six years old, just two years Shakwanda’s junior, and we had never experienced an older couple twelve years our senior and quite so attractive. Dick kind of favors that guy from the Dos’Equis commercial (the man who has the salt and pepper hair and light eyes), “ The most interesting man in the world.” His wife Marcy was definitely a knock out, and with her voluptuous “Fake” Double D tits and an ass that you could bounce a quarter off of, how could I resist cramming my stiff member into her. As I watched Dick and Shakwanda start to ravish each other’s privates I became extremely aroused and preceded to put my pulsating manhood directly into Marcy’s mouth. I have never experienced such oral pleasure in my entire life and have yet to see anyone penetrate Shakwanda in the pounding manner as Dick. Dick and Marcy had their way with us and now we were ready to have our way with the locals.

In Punta Cana it is not very safe to travel outside of the resort and for this reason we repeatedly tried to coax staff members, that are native to the island, to engage in sexual intercourse with us. There must be a policy that states the staff cannot encounter physical sexual activity with guest, because Shakwanda and I tried everything from getting the staff drunk and walking around naked in front of them, to even offering them money for their services. There were no takers. Our vacation had finally come to a close and it was time to head back home.

As we packed our bags and got ready for our departure we both sighed knowing that we would not experience a sex session with the locals as we had so greatly wished for. Shakwanda and myself hopped into our one-way cab to the airport thinking about this missed opportunity. About half way to the airport we noticed that the cab driver, who’s name we do not know, was pulling over for another car who seemed to be in distress. It was an extremely hot Dominican girl, probably eighteen, that was stranded on the side of the road. Being that I am a mechanic, I knew that I could be of service and I knew exactly how she could pay me. I explained that I could get her car running, but first she and the cab driver would have to service Shakwanda and I. Since the Dominican is a poor country, she graciously accepted and the cab driver could not pass on the opportunity to get a piece of Shakwanda’s ass. The cab driver and I let the girls perform oral sex on us as we leaned against the car both laughing. We then bent Shakwanda and the Dominican girl over the car and began to invade their privates and pound them relentlessly from behind until the point of mutual gratification. After cleaning up, resting for a moment and then fixing the car, we were finally on our way home. Shakwanda and I were smitten with joy as we boarded our plane home. We had accomplished everything on our vacation that we had hoped and planned for. To our surprise, Mark and Jane Bendover were booked on the same returning flight home as Shakwanda and I. I must say it was quite an amazing vacation.

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Plane sex

First class

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


My favorite vacation was the one that I spent with my girlfriend, Jennifer, in the Dominican Republic. It was an unanticipated trip that Jenny had put together without me even knowing and that is what makes this trip so special. She saved all of her coins and loose bills for months to pay for the airfare and our stay at an all-inclusive resort. I was presented with the tickets as an early Christmas gift in November. Receiving this was a great relief because I was in desperate need of a vacation.

On our first day in the Dominican, we had only one mission, the pool bar. It was connected to a quarter of a mile long lazy river that was designed around the whole resort. After having one too many “Mama Juana’s” (a native Dominican favorite), we went and relaxed on the beach for hours. Later that night, we decided it would be good idea to order in room service and get a good night’s sleep. The next morning, Jen and I headed down to the beach and hung out enjoying colada’s while the resort held a beach barbeque. After freshening up, we went out to dinner and then to a Michael Jackson tribute show put on by the staff. Once the show was over we retired to our room because we had horseback riding reservations in the morning.

The third day we went on a trip to an isolated beach where we were to ride horses with a tour guide. The only thing we didn’t like was that we had to ride to the site in a rickety old van with two gentlemen that we thought were going to kill us. When we finally got to the beach, it was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. We could actually see the coast of Puerto Rico from the cliff that we rode up to. On the way back from horseback riding we got caught in a short but powerful storm, which created a huge rainbow that went over the mountain skyline. It created a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Our final day in the Dominican consisted of a Caribbean cruise where we snorkeled with nurse sharks. The guide we had kept swimming to the bottom and trying to hold onto them. He wanted us to try but we were too afraid. After snorkeling, we got back on the boat for Caribbean food and cocktails, while the staff performed a calypso show. It was definitely a great last day on vacation.

I have yet to experience another trip as unique as our stay in the Dominican. It was more than just lying on the beach, horseback riding and diving with sharks. It was a look into another countries’ people, land and culture while being able to spend time with my girlfriend with no distractions. These are all of the reasons why my trip to the Dominican Republic was my favorite and why I would like return again one day soon.

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